Step 1 – Go to the home screen of your Firestick by clicking the home button on remote
Step 2 – Hover over the Settings menu item
Step 3 – click the My Fire TV
Step 4 – Click Developer Options
Step 5 – Click Apps from Unknown Sources
Step 6 – Click Turn On button

1. Launch the home screen and hover over the Search icon
2. Type in Downloader and click “Downloader” which will appear under keyboard.
3. Select the Downloader app
4. Click Download
5. Click Open
6. Click Allow
7. Click OK
8. Click the URL bar and type in the following address 32128.CC and then click Go button
9. Click install Hutv.
10. Click Done.
11. A pop-up window will appear, click the Delete button. This is necessary to free up your Firestick’s or Fire TV’s storage space.
12. Confirm by selecting the Delete button again on the screen.
13. Return to Your Apps & Channels and scroll down to locate and hover over Hutv.
15. Press the Menu Amazon Firestick Menu Button button on your remote and select Move to front to move Hutv to the front of Your Apps & Channels.
16. Hutv is now placed in the front of Your Apps & Channels.
17. Hutv is now successfully installed! Launch the application to get started and click OK.
18. If prompted, click Allow.
19. You will now have access to Hutv. Enter Username and

1, Input 32128.cc in the brower of your android tv box or in the downloader of firestick or other related android device, it will download automatically.
Then find the HUTV apk from filemanager or file brower,, choose App Install, open the download file and find the HUTV apk, choose it and install. After installed, you can find HUTV on your apps page.

2, Open HUTV and Input the
username: password:

3,How to find adult channel? And set parental control password?
On the top tabs find settings and choose the Parental control button, then press ok button on the remote control. Second set your own password. Press the parental control button again, you can enter into the adult channels.

4,How to find epg for Live tv channel?
Choose a channel, then press ok button on the remote control, then press the right button on the remote , you will find the epg information.

5,How to collect your favorite Live tv channels?
Choose a channel you like, then long press the ok button on the remote control, you will find it from Favorite list.

How to collect the favirote Movie or TV series?
First, open a Movie or tv series you like, on the movie introduction page have a “favirote” button near “Play”, just long press Ok button on remote, then go back to “ Recommend”page, find the left side “ favirote” button access, you will find it from Favorite list.

6, How to search the channel or movie you want?
First, choose a channel optional, then press left button on the remote control.
Secondly, input the channel name or program as you need.

7, How to report complaint if Live tv channels have problem?
Just Press the “INFO” button on remote control, choose the specific problem you have and submit, we can check in our backstage

8, How to choose tv series the specific episode or which season you want?
First, choice a tv series, press “MENU” button on remote control, then you can choose which episode or which season you want on the top right side .

9, How to select time zone you need .
Choice the Live tv you want, then press he left button , you can see the “ Select TimeZone”
Then you can choose what you need.


1. Begin by finding the Play Store app on your device and opening it.
2. Type Surfshark into the search bar and choose the first result that appears on the list.
3. The Surfshark VPN app page will open. Click Install and wait until the installation is complete.
4. One the installation is complete, go back to the home screen/ or Apps on your Device.
5. Open app and enter login info:
Username: Mightyjoetv@gmail.com
Password: Customer24434
6. You will see the home page of your Surfshark app. It shows you the VPN connection status.

7. All you need to do is to connect to our servers. You can do that by clicking the blue Connect button. It will connect you to the default location.

You can choose between the nearest or the fastest server as your default location (server).
8. Once you click the connect button you will be asked to allow Surfshark VPN to set up a VPN connection.

That is a standard procedure in order to enable Surfshark to manage the VPN tunnel.

Click OK.
9. Once you connect to the VPN, you will see the connection status on the main screen.

Also, you may notice a Surfshark logo and an icon of a key at the top of your screen. That indicates you’re still connected to the Surfshark VPN.

In order to disconnect from the VPN, click the Disconnect button.